Handmade Pottery Mug - Polka Dot

Cozy up and sip your coffee, tea or hot chocolate out of this sturdy hand made mug, or make it a unique gift for a treasured friend or loved one! :)

Each mug is wheel thrown using a warm and toasty speckled brown stoneware clay in Strasburg, Virginia.

Each piece is glazed in a soft Vanilla White 100% food safe glaze with bare clay dots, and fired to over 2200°F!

Holds roughly 13 fl. oz

A Product of Barbarah Robertson Pottery

All of Barbarah's work is 100% microwave and dishwasher safe unless specifically stated in the listing due to additions such as leather, cork, ribbon etc.
Since her pieces are completely handmade and kiln fired to over 2200°F, the images, colors and writing on our pots are all true parts of the work and not just added to it.
If used with care, your pottery should last you a lifetime and beyond :)
Handmade bake ware is a fantastic addition to any dinner table, and clean up is a breeze!
Here are some tips to help you keep your bake ware for many many years.

•It is recommended that you DO NOT pre-heat the oven, instead, let the pot & contents heat up with the oven.
•When baking in your new pottery, take care not to thermo-shock it.
•Do not place a cold pot into a blazing hot oven
•Do not put cold water/liquids into a blazing hot pot.
•Do NOT under any circumstance, place pots over direct flame.

Type: Teaware

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