Ginger root

Caffeine Free

Dried Ginger (Zingiber officinale) c/s - There are many uses for Ginger. It's considered a warming herb and makes a comforting tea (tisane).

Bring aromatic comfort and relaxation into your life when you choose the savory and flavorful taste of Ginger Root tea. Lightly brewed, ginger root tea yields an excellent beverage that pleases the palate when served warm or cold. To fully benefit from the properties of ginger root tea, the decoction method of brewing is preferred since this herb exhibits a dense cellular structure. This method also releases the most flavor and aroma.

For herbal interest, Ginger is classified as Anodyne, Anticatarrhal, Antiemetic, Aromatic, and Diaphoretic, (Source: Practical Herbalism by Philip Fritchey, 2004).

Always consult your healthcare provider before using herbs. We make no medicinal claims.


Type: Tea

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