Eucalyptus leaf

Eucalyptus leaf (Eucalyptus globulus) c/s is voluminous and light weight and packed by volume in our 4 oz. tin.

A very aromatic loose leaf tea has a definite taste. It comes from the leaves of the evergreen Australian Eucalyptus tree and historically was used to reduce fevers as it may be anti-microbial in its actions - although no proof is provided. It also has been used as a natural mucolytic. Enjoy this vibrant, minty tisane hot to soothe your palate and delight in the light, herbal notes unique to Eucalyptus. Try it on ice during the summer months for a refreshing alternative to traditional tea.

Not for use during pregnancy. May lower blood sugar, so do not use if taking blood sugar lowering medication.

Caffeine Free

Type: Tea

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