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We're here to provide you with affordable and special treats for everyday living. Tea is for any age, any health status, and time.  Our goal is to find great tasting teas, also herbal and medicinal teas, books and accessories to help you find nutrition supplementation, information and pleasure!




For centuries man has used plants from nature to nourish and replenish. Because of the vast knowledge we have today, we're able to learn more about these plants and apply the knowledge to our own needs.

Here, you'll find carefully chosen products...We work to provide you with quality teas, beautiful teaware, and information about teas and herbs. We have Traditional teas, Herbal Tisanes and Blends and also our Saravena Blends only found here. The Traditional teas are long time favorites, but herbals are so important that we want to continually widen your shopping options.

The Herbal Tisanes are either single herbs or herbal blends incorporating the benefits of 3 or more herbs blended together. If, for example you want Burdock root but the taste is too bad, you can find it in our After Dinner Tea blended in with Coriander seed, Milk Thistle, Chicory root, and Dandelion. The other herbs mask the bad taste of Burdock root while offering their own benefits.

If you want the experience of joint nourishment but the taste of our Flex is too plain for your taste buds, you could add our Spearmint or Peppermint to it for a tasty tisane!

Our Organic Products are certified according to the USDA National Organic Program guidelines. Our certifying agency is Quality Certification Services.

We make no health claims associated with our products.

If you have something to share or would like for us to carry a special tea, please call or email us - we're always happy to talk! Saravena Life is a small, woman owned company willing to give you great products and service!

Thank you for shopping!

To Health and Enjoyment!