July 07, 2017


Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Damien C. of Everette, PA for winning the Iced Tea Maker and Iced Tea. Enjoy!
June 07, 2017


To Celebrate June - Iced Tea Month

We're providing a  2Qt.Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker in Blueberry plus Takeya Iced Tea to the winner of The Giveaway Guy's current random giveaway through Rafflecopter.




March 28, 2017


Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker

We're getting ready for Iced Tea Season and have added the 2 Qt.Takeya Flash Chill Pitcher in Blueberry and Raspberry. Serve up Iced Tea Cold and Quick! After Brewing, just remove the filter and Serve in Style.

January 02, 2017


Setting Goals for the New Year - Steps to a Fresh Start

"Last year's goals didn't really work out. I know this isn't rocket science. Why didn't I finish that project last year? What stopped me from doing what I planned?" Inspiration to try again, re-invent ourselves and move ahead to accomplish things put off last year, suddenly seems do-able when the New Year comes around. 

Here are some steps to help make this year different and more successful.

1. Plan -Goals should be readable. Put your goals on paper and float it on your desk or hang it on the Wall.  It may get in the way, but it will say READ ME. If it gets "filed", how likely would anyone be to open the file for inspiration? Not Very. A plan on paper, Whiteboard or Wall is a good start for Successfully accomplishing your goal. WRITE IT DOWN.

2. Start - A plan is a just a plan until a step is taken to start. Starting is the most difficult to do. Saying that "I'm going to write a book this year" is overwhelming, but saying "I'm going to write the first sentence of my book this week" is motivating.

Getting Started requires pushing aside fear, laziness, or distractions that are easier to respond to than taking the first step. Go ahead. JUST DO SOMETHING...Take One Small Step Forward and see where it takes you. WEAVE IT IN with life's have-to activities. 10 minutes in a day is no big deal compared to setting aside 2 hours in a day.

3. Refer - What was that plan I started on? What was I going to do? Get started and then stay on tract by frequently referring back to the plan. (Hopefully, it's in the way and still floating around on the desk .) Keep moving forward on each goal. REFER BACK TO THE PLAN.

4. Tweak -  ALL PLANS REQUIRE ASSESSING, re-evaluating, and measuring. Little details may need to be altered. No problem. Sip some tea, Write down the tweaks and Continue on.

Now you can accomplish your goals. It all comes down to Getting started and Persisting. You may say, "What if I mess it up?". Things DO get messed up. Fix it. When things go off tract or discouragement looms, pick yourself up and get back on tract. Positive self-talk and persistence will pay off to make this Year's goals Successful. You CAN accomplish your goals!

We appreciate our Customers and Wish you a

                         Happy and Successful New Year!


November 26, 2016


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October 25, 2016

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The Giveaway Guy

Now through Nov 11 The Giveaway Guy is taking entries to win a New Leaf Mug with Infuser and our Cinnamon Spice Tea. Go HERE to Enter and see what he has to say about the New Leaf by FORLIFE.
October 10, 2016