October 02, 2017


Fight the Seasonal Sniffles

As the leaves start to change color and a nip shivers through the air, you know fall is coming. For some people, that means warm drinks like coffee, hot chocolate and, of course, a hot cup of tea. For others, though, fall means a spike in allergy and immunity issues.

As the weather changes, you can do a few things to help boost your immunity. Try these options to protect your health during the autumn:

Rest and Sleep. If you're sleep-deprived, your T-cell levels go down — those tough fighters that help keep your immune system healthy. Your body is less able to fight off infection when you don't get enough sleep, so block out the time you need to sleep, and give yourself time to wind down before you go to bed each night to take advantage of every minute.

Nutrition. Many key ingredients in a healthy diet also support your immune system. Protein builds your body's defenses, so make sure you're getting enough lean proteins, including lean meat, eggs, soy products, seafood, and legumes. Specific vitamins also protect against infection. Get the vitamin A you need from sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, apricots, and eggs, and add vitamin C through eating citrus fruits, red bell peppers, strawberries, papaya, and tomatoes. In addition, the antioxidant vitamin E, which you'll find in sunflower seeds, vegetable oils, and peanut butter neutralizes free radicals in your bloodstream and boosts your immune system.

Probiotics.  Probiotics guard against inflammation in the gut by keeping harmful bacteria from entering your bloodstream. These beneficial bacteria are found in fermented vegetables, yogurt and kefir, and they're also available in supplement form.

Exercise. While it may seem counterintuitive that exercise could actually affect your immune system, in fact it can have huge benefits when you're facing flu season in the fall. Physical activity flushes harmful bacteria out of your lungs, reducing your chances of catching cold, and it also increases your white blood cells, which may help prevent infections from setting in. In addition, when you exercise, you slow down your body's production of stress hormones, which have been shown to increase the risk of getting sick.

Supplements. Vitamins aren't the only supplements that have been shown to help boost the immune system. Zinc reduces the duration of colds and keeps the immune system working strongly even when exposed to viruses. In addition, check out spirulina, an algae-based ingredient that's shown to help conquer the symptoms of nasal allergies.

Herbs. In addition to vitamins and minerals, several herbs show great efficacy in helping your immune system stay healthy during the fall. Look for elderberry, a fruit packed with flavonoid that has shown great virus-fighting results in studies; it also contains compounds known to support your immune system. Elderberry is available in OTC supplements and as tea. Tinospora cordifolia is an Indian herb that supports tiny immune cells called microphages and helps them get rid of germs. Ginger keeps different kinds of cold virus cells from making themselves at home in your nasal passages, and it may also fight against drug-resistant bacteria.

Washing Your Hands. Sometimes the things our moms told us make the most sense. When you wash your hands with soap, you remove germs from them. That means that when you touch your nose, mouth or eyes, you're not passing those germs into the body. Handwashing during the fall months has been shown to limit the spread not only of respiratory infections, but also of diarrhea, skin infections, and eye diseases.

Using Tissues. When you blow your nose into a tissue, you're not necessarily boosting your own immune system — but you sure are helping someone else by preventing the possible spread of germs. Make sure you dispose of tissues carefully.

Staying healthy during the fall doesn't have to be an ordeal. Protecting your immune system with these simple steps lets you enjoy the turn of the seasons so you can stop and enjoy that nice hot beverage as you bundle up for the change of weather.

September 25, 2017


About Earl Grey - A Traditional Favorite

Bergamot is added to traditional black tea to create this unique blend, and it's one that many people love for all of the flavor it brings. Take a closer look at how it tastes and what you can expect from it.

What Is Earl Grey Tea?

Earl Grey is a flavored tea and popular option among tea lovers. It’s made from a combination of black tea along with oil of bergamot. Flavored teas, of high quality, are made with a basic tea such as black, green, oolong, or even white tea, and then combined with various spices, fruits, or scented flowers to create the final taste. This particular blend is one of the most well-known tea blends across the world. It’s easily identifiable aroma and flavor make it a commonly preferred choice for many.

Earl Grey is a common British tea and offers that same formality that people love. British teas are popularly a blend of teas blended with bergamot.

A History of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea did not originate in England. Rather, it was first developed in China. This exotic blend was created as a way to grab the attention of emperors who wanted fresh, new flavors. Chinese tea masters were well known for their ability to combine a variety of fragrances and flavor. One of the earliest uses of this tea was blended in the period from 1830 through 1834. There, this unique blend was created by a Chinese tea master for Charles Grey, who was the Second Earl of Grey and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

How Is It Made?

Earl tea is now readily available and though methods have changed over time, true, high-quality Earl Grey includes the oil of bergamot. This oil comes from a fruit. Today, it is grown in various areas of the world with prominence in southern Calabria, an area of Italy, in southern Turkey, and in the southern areas of France. The fruit is not used for its juice but rather to extract this essential oil from it. The oil is then blended with black tea, traditionally, to achieve the desired results. Today, there are other versions, including those blended with green tea and oolong tea.

Claims of benefits from Earl Grey tea include weight loss, heart disease prevention, and cancer prevention, though scientific evidence is still being developed to support these claims.

Of course, one of the best reasons to enjoy this flavored tea is because it simply tastes good. As one of the strong caffeine teas, it is an exceptional option for those looking for a pick me up. Enjoy!

July 07, 2017


Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Damien C. of Everette, PA for winning the Iced Tea Maker and Iced Tea. Enjoy!
June 07, 2017


To Celebrate June - Iced Tea Month

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March 28, 2017


Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker

We're getting ready for Iced Tea Season and have added the 2 Qt.Takeya Flash Chill Pitcher in Blueberry and Raspberry. Serve up Iced Tea Cold and Quick! After Brewing, just remove the filter and Serve in Style.

January 02, 2017


Setting Goals for the New Year - Steps to a Fresh Start

"Last year's goals didn't really work out. I know this isn't rocket science. Why didn't I finish that project last year? What stopped me from doing what I planned?" Inspiration to try again, re-invent ourselves and move ahead to accomplish things put off last year, suddenly seems do-able when the New Year comes around. 

Here are some steps to help make this year different and more successful.

1. Plan -Goals should be readable. Put your goals on paper and float it on your desk or hang it on the Wall.  It may get in the way, but it will say READ ME. If it gets "filed", how likely would anyone be to open the file for inspiration? Not Very. A plan on paper, Whiteboard or Wall is a good start for Successfully accomplishing your goal. WRITE IT DOWN.

2. Start - A plan is a just a plan until a step is taken to start. Starting is the most difficult to do. Saying that "I'm going to write a book this year" is overwhelming, but saying "I'm going to write the first sentence of my book this week" is motivating.

Getting Started requires pushing aside fear, laziness, or distractions that are easier to respond to than taking the first step. Go ahead. JUST DO SOMETHING...Take One Small Step Forward and see where it takes you. WEAVE IT IN with life's have-to activities. 10 minutes in a day is no big deal compared to setting aside 2 hours in a day.

3. Refer - What was that plan I started on? What was I going to do? Get started and then stay on tract by frequently referring back to the plan. (Hopefully, it's in the way and still floating around on the desk .) Keep moving forward on each goal. REFER BACK TO THE PLAN.

4. Tweak -  ALL PLANS REQUIRE ASSESSING, re-evaluating, and measuring. Little details may need to be altered. No problem. Sip some tea, Write down the tweaks and Continue on.

Now you can accomplish your goals. It all comes down to Getting started and Persisting. You may say, "What if I mess it up?". Things DO get messed up. Fix it. When things go off tract or discouragement looms, pick yourself up and get back on tract. Positive self-talk and persistence will pay off to make this Year's goals Successful. You CAN accomplish your goals!

We appreciate our Customers and Wish you a

                         Happy and Successful New Year!


November 26, 2016


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