Fall News

Summer's coming to a close and soon the colds and flu will be around. Tea drinkers know that there are plenty of options for supporting immunity-

Check out the herbal teas section of our store and click the view button on the right side of the page then Wellness to see our collection of supportive Seasonal Tisanes.

Coming Soon! - New Elderberry Comfort tea in Loose leaf form. It's a delicious, flavored caffeine-free blend with elderberry and raisin.

Watch anorganicwife.com for the upcoming giveaway to enter and win a free Saravena Tea and FOR LIFE Basket Infuser.

Also, In October, we plan to be at OKTOBERFEST in Howhenwald, TN for 2 days of fall fun! Mention this blog to get $2 off any purchase at the event.

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