Thinking About Mom

Just had to Share with you this sweet Toast to Moms from B.W. for Saravena:

Thinking about Mom

These old men are crazy! They've totally decided to gang up against me and make me feel like an old man myself. But I love them, I must admit. They've taught me how to put up with people like them, how to deny you ate someone's food, how to fake a laugh and how to come to terms with difficult situations! And oh! Thanks to these guys, I have a new worst fear: that I will one day genuinely love a woman more than I love my mom! That sends chills up every corner of my soul.

So, I'm out here on a couch in the waiting room - my fists clasped in front of me and my elbows firmly seated on my thighs. You know where the head rests when you're in that position: right between the arms — hanging. I'm trying to get to terms with the fact that I just missed on another job opportunity. I came early, answered the questions well, but apparently put a foot wrong when they asked me how much I would like to earn! Now I'm thinking about mom.

It's her I always catch myself thinking about every time I'm in this kind of situation. And no, I'm not in any way associating her with the misfortune; I'm actually feeling ashamed that I'm disappointing her regardless of the fact that she doesn't see me right now or even know about my situation. You know she thinks she bred a genius. Yes, my mom thinks she raised a genius. Before you think I'm actually one, let me clear this up: I'm a very ordinary guy. Back to mom. She thinks I'm a genius..

Right now I feel like giving up on my career and going back home to stay with mom. Ever had a feeling like that? No, not giving up on your career. Going back home and just chilling with your mom — forever. Well, you don't have to admit it. For me, it's not the first time. Every time I find myself between a rock and a hard place, mom is the first thing that hits my mind. Even one of those old men (those guys are my workmates btw) confessed to me he insanely misses his mom. He's one "Mr. Tough" but when he started telling me about his late mom, I could detect a tear almost falling off one of his eyes, and his voice getting shaky! But Mr. Tough will be Mr. Tough; that tear didn't come out.

Me being me, though — my mom's genius — I'm always learning. The man's story made me realize that we truly remember our moms when we're in trouble. Again, not because we associate them with the misfortunes but because of what they mean to us: our zealots of the last resort.

Your mom will always be your mom, that's what I'm saying. Even if you killed a man right in front of the CNN guys, she'd shake herself from believing and scream "that's my child. He/she can't do that!" She's the only person who'd say she'd die for you and literally do it if it means proving. And if life bullies you, she's more than willing to take you back and take care of you like a baby! That's really not something to sneeze at, is it?

To all moms out there, we appreciate you, and we love you!


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